Sloane Merrick

Lovey Dovey Mixed Media on Wood 24” x 36”

Though she grew up in a small west Texas town, far from any traditional art gallery, Sloane Merrick never found herself at a loss for artistic inspiration. “I was surrounded by nature,” she says, “which is the greatest art gallery of them all.” The freedom and openness to experience that she gained from her upbringing can be seen in the wide-ranging colors and textures of her images. Incorporating such materials as fabric and wood into her mixed media pieces, she focuses on both the roughness and the beauty of nature. With their unique surfaces and intricate, mosaic-like constructions, her works capture the look of wide open skies, whether lit by a glowing sunset or a field of stars, while also depicting the birds flying through those skies with a surprising amount of detail.

Merrick’s sharp yet subtle eye for color gives the backgrounds in her work a sense of depth that pulls the viewer in. Able to show the effects of light in a variety of ways, she uses those effects to generate a feeling of life and movement. The resulting works are an appealing blend of nature’s rhythms and the artist’s personal search for beauty. “Beauty heals, beauty saves and beauty save me,” she says.