Floating Earth Digital Photography 38” x 27.5”

A native of Ramat-Gan, Shifra has long loved the hustle and bustle of the city, its noises, smells, and colors. She describes her discovery of digital photography and photo manipulation as a quick addiction, a method by which fleeting moments could be preserved and instilled with greater meaning. The distorted glass reflections of high rises were as intriguing to her as the decrepit buildings that evoked sadness and beauty in equal measure. The reflections became a kind of magic world, serving either as a perfect mirror or a wild abstraction. This inconsistency intrigued Shifra, who sought out these strange, splintered and speckled places with the lens of her camera.

“More than once, as I roamed the streets with my camera, I felt lifted from the real world and suspended in a parallel reality,” Shifra says. “A reality that only exists when it is spotted by the eye and immortalized by the camera.” This led her to question whether the conventional world is really the only true reality, or whether she had stumbled into some other, ethereal place made of wonder and imagination. It is this world she captures with her camera, memorializing a fraction of a second otherwise lost.