The Fight Oil on Canvas 31” x 38.5”

The elegant oil on canvas paintings of French Romanian artist Rody hearken back to what the artist refers to as the imaginary Paris around the turn of the nineteenth century. Rody’s paintings manage to be both nostalgic and dreamy and yet vibrant and alive, as she combines monochromatic ranges of browns, grays, and oranges with bursts of strong bold color that convey a vibrancy to the work and make the paintings come alive. Her images are figurative yet highly expressionistic, highlighted by dynamic compositions that draw the viewer in to make a personal connection with the characters and urbanscapes contained within.

Much of Rody’s inspiration comes from a childhood spent fascinated by old sepia and white postcards and photos, and it is in that tradition that her paintings are conceived and executed. Yet the emotive elements contained within stem from so much more, including an escape from a communist dictatorship at a young age. As Rody explains. “I oriented by artistic approach toward that kind of poetic, innocent, theatrical, and dreamy atmosphere, of that imaginary Paris I dreamed about…”