Raúl Mariaca Dalence

The eloquent work of Raúl Mariaca Dalence fuses together visual art with music, dance, and emotion to create unique, dynamic compositions. Strongly inspired by the work of the post-impressionists, particularly Van Gogh and Gauguin, Dalence’s paintings are rich with vivid colors and expressive applications of oil pigment and pastels. He especially enjoys painting dancers, but recently has moved into painting landscapes from his travels to North America, Hawaii, and Italy. “My task as an artist is to show how beautiful reality can be if one is able to imagine and to transform it, at will,” the artist explains, and indeed Dalence’s paintings capture people and places in a way that seems more immediate and vibrant than the way one experiences reality on a day-to-day basis. He’s skilled at portraying both movement and feeling through his brush, transporting the viewer not just to another place but to what Dalence might have thought or felt when he was there.

Dalence currently lives in Switzerland, but was born in Bolivia, and credits the Andean landscape and culture for his color aesthetic. A former chemist, he started painting in 2005 after retiring. He says he practices art because it allows him to express his creativity.