Ping Lian Yeak

14007 Sydney Opera House Ink on Paper 16.5” x 23.5”

While art is a means of communication for almost any artist, that aspect takes on a special meaning in the work of the Australian artist (born in Malaysia) Ping Lian Yeak. For him, drawing and painting have become a way of connecting with, and creating a place for himself, in the world. The artist is autistic, with limited traditional communication skills, but his ability to make vibrantly detailed paintings in watercolor and ink on paper allow him to make his view of the world clear to anyone who sees his work. Fascinated by buildings of all types, he depicts them with a fluid sense of line and impressive command of proportion and scale. His distinctive method of handling color gives each work a spontaneity that contrasts beautifully with their intricately drawn structures.

John McDonald, art critic for the Sydney Morning Herald and an admirer of Ping Lian Yeak’s work, credits the artist’s mother, Sarah, for bringing his vision to light. “There can be no doubt that Ping Lian owes a debt to his ‘tiger mother,’ Sarah, who recognized his talent at an early age and worked so tirelessly to help him develop his artistic facility,” McDonald says. The fruits of that work are a unique group of images that creates a unique world.