Lucy Oil on Linen 30” x 24”

Through her enigmatic paintings, PHIPPS-K journeys into the unfolding adventure of life. The artist captures, without hesitation, the kernel of truth and beauty that gives a scene or a subject its spiritual identity. Lucy, is one such example – clearly a metaphor of the divinity and dignity that exists in all living creatures. PHIPPS-K focusses on the persona of the cat, the essence that is Lucy; proud, determined, regal and self-assured. Most cats, like Lucy, tend to unapologetically own their mysticism, as though they see beyond our perceived reality into a realm that only they can experience.

Alternating between warm and cool colors with playful compositions that delight, PHIPPS-K captivates our imagination and enchants our sensibilities. Whether the subject matter is a place, people or animals, all exist in a timeless state of innocence and the personification of a reality that exists in a world of magical realism.