Pedro Alberti

Word Healing Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas 56” x 45”

Pedro Alberti describes his art by saying that he “writes paint and paints philosophy”. A highly conceptual artist, Alberti is constantly experimenting with different mediums, messages, and techniques. One of his favorite art tools involves creating his own paper, with which he can both infuse and extract meaning. But he also paints, draws, and sculpts with equal fervor. He characterizes his work as hyperrealistic, but an abstracted form of hyperrealism, filled with symbols and hidden meaning. Language is essential to Alberti’s process, whether it’s the language of letters or colors or shapes, and no matter what Alberti is working on, his art is strongly rooted to the written word. “I think every work of art, in all art fields, should contain the concept of POETRY,” he declares, and many of his pieces are based on short stories that he himself wrote. “I’m not a writer like those whom I admire and envy,” he says. “I write a mixture of distant memories with this total Sarterean freedom of imagination.”

Alberti was born in Argentina but currently lives in the United States, where he works as a designer and a contractor. Two of his pieces hang in the Museum of Latin American Art in California.