Olga Loschinina

The Eye Photograph on Plexiglass 24” x 35.5”

The Ice Mushroom Photograph on Plexiglass 24” x 35.5”

The camera is an integral part of the Russian photographer Olga Loschinina’s life. “I take my camera with me wherever I go,” she says. “And when I witness different flashes of life, I try to catch and revive them.” The flashes of life that she captures transform the world around her into a realm of transcendent beauty. Though her images are at one level a realistic depiction of the textures and forms found in the natural world, Loschinina also gives those elements a distinctive spin by altering their colors and arrangements. In her photographs, ice, rocks, trees and water all take on new identities. Taking the viewers to locales that span the globe—from America to Antarctica—she allows the identity of each place to emerge while casting it in terms of her personal vision.

It is the photographer’s ability to work with texture, light and focus that gives her work a large part of its power. From the sharpness she gives each blade in a field of grass to the soft, subtle mystery she finds in a sky filled with fog, the entire range of nature’s appearances are incorporated into her work. By printing her photographs on canvas as well as Plexiglass, she allows the backgrounds of her images to become yet another part of their textural variety. In addition, her strong sense of how light can alter the objects it illuminates assists her in search to find the hidden meanings in each environment she captures.

But whether she is turning the world into a witty, surrealist-inspired composition, or is letting the simplicity of a scene come to the foreground, Loschinina’s goal is to bring nature’s variety alive. “All kinds of places catch my attention,” she says and her skills and vision ensure that they catch ours as well.