Nello Petrucci

Vita Spezzata Collage on Canvas 59” x 39.5”

Siamo Noi La Rivoluzione Collage on Canvas 71” x 54”

The mixed media collages of Nello Petrucci break apart familiar imagery from pop culture and put it back together like a puzzle, transforming what’s familiar into more than just an object, but a topic: a reflection of our society and a way to make us more aware of how we see ourselves in music, movies, and art. With an extensive background in film, Petrucci knows not only his movies but how they are influenced by art and vice versa, and he pours that knowledge into his work. By collaging, decomposing, and overlapping images, much like a film editor, he creates a new form of art filled with movement, energy, and color. Petrucci dubs this style kinetic pop.

Petrucci considers himself more an artist of the street than a fine artist, saying, “I express myself with simple tools and often ignored, where the basis is a language of the street, made up of images.” He’s most attracted to posters because they have a call to action and represent all the human emotions, even if those emotions are meant to fuel crass commercialism. By tearing these advertisements apart and pasting them back together again, Petrucci hopes to investigate beyond the surface of everyday perception. He even coined a term for his artistic process, SACADAP, which stands for Street Art Collage and Decollage Action Panting.

Nello in his studio

Petrucci bought his first canvas at age thirteen, but ended up painting on a shoebox instead because he wanted “to liberate the painting from the tin.” In addition to creating painting and collage, he’s a writer and filmmaker, and has worked with famous directors like Martin Scorsese. Petrucci currently divides his time between London, Berlin, and his hometown of Pompeii, in Italy.