La Houle (The Swell)
31.5” x 5.5” x 5.5”

The three-dimensional sculptures of French artist MORLOT Claude cover such themes as human/ geographical spaces, elements and the powers of nature, the essence of femininity and related symbology across time/cultures, and the mythologies that have been passed along since the advent of humankind. Working primarily in basalt stone, MORLOT Claude is a master at creating contrast, alternating polished and rough textures, sharp edges and soft curves, in order to make the most of the interplay of shadow and light.

MORLOT Claude currently works in Tahiti, and one can sense the profound impact this cultural influence has had on his work. Stylistically, his sculptures have a South Pacific flair, combined with an elegance and artistic sensibility that borders on the subliminal. As MORLOT Claude explains, his sculptures are infused “mystical powers” that transcend time and space.