Menno Vos

New York Acrylic on Canvas 40” x 40”

The paintings of Menno Vos are propelled by his interest in other people and his curiosity about their cultures and the places they live. An inveterate traveler, Vos got his start in art travel photography. He studied the principles of composition and color, and had his photos published in more than ten travel magazines. In 2013, however, he was invited to participate in a workshop for abstract painting, and hasn’t looked back since. Vos’ paintings, like his photographs, are inspired by his travels; but unlike photography, Vos finds the process of abstract painting liberating and unrestrained, allowing him to create without limits. He brings his understanding of composition and balance to each piece, producing works full of rich, saturated color, a sense of depth, and just a hint of the mysterious. “My paintings always come from the heart and show who I am and what I love in life,” Vos says.

Vos lives in the Netherlands, where he’s a member of the art collective PS20 and the co-owner of a gallery in Apeldoorn. Never one to stand still, Vos plans to continue experimenting with new artistic formats and mediums, such as ink, in the future.