Mauricio Mallet

Agrupamento Acrylic on Paper 7” x 5”

Ensaio para Espaço de Brincar Acrylic on Paper 7” x 5“

Born in 1975, Mauricio Mallet is a graphic designer, illustrator, and art director from São Paulo, Brazil. Interested in art from an early age, he went on to pursue an arts education, earning an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts and a graduate degree in Visual Arts.

Painting small format oil pieces on paper, Mallet creates abstract figures outlined by a single, dominant color. Often grouped together, pursuing a shared goal, his subjects are joined in a form of ghostly camaraderie, gathered at the top of a slide or embracing as they walk. Given their proximity to one another, the ease with which they coexist, and the playground accouterment, these children appear to be adolescents, not yet at the awkward stage of teenage discomfort, gender awareness, repulsion, and desire. They exist freely, without pretense, in the company of others. The paintings are a reminder of a shared past and barriers built up seemingly overnight.

Often leaving a border around his work, Mallet reminds his viewers that art is a construct, a manner of control that seems at odds with the content of his work. Perhaps the freedom of an idyllic childhood, the ability to love and care for without question, is a myth, an illusory past invented by a self-deceiving public in search of a better self. Perhaps memory is as treacherous as Magritte’s pipe, an unreality that has as little to do with the past as a painting of a pipe has to do with the pipe itself. Or maybe, just maybe, the image is the truth and the analysis is the self-deception.

In addition to his creative work, Mauricio Mallet teaches Fine Arts at the Pan-American School of Art and Design and Digital Art at Alpha Channel in São Paulo.