Marco Carnaroli

# 015 Illusion Inkjet Print on Hahnemühle Paper 45” x 59”

Marco Carnaroli’s remarkable photography takes the art of the detail to new heights. Carnaroli’s signature is the extreme close-up: of metal, of rubber, of sleek painted surfaces and industrially created shapes. The images are immensely slick and glossy, with intense primary colors and perfectly bright, regular lighting. These pictures celebrate both the artifice and the possibilities of photography, itself a mechanical act of creating art.

What Carnaroli’s camera lovingly lingers over is actually details of luxury cars. He captures the sheen of a BMW’s chrome, the urgency of a Morgan’s dashboard gauges, and the surprising intricacies of light playing off of metal tubing in a Mercedes. Color and light work together to create movement. He has an eye for patterns and a knack for cutting off a composition right at its most jolting point, leaving the viewer with the same sensation of speed that a car brings.

Carnaroli was born in Padova, Italy and currently works in both Milan and his farm outside Venice. He has traveled the world in pursuit of photography and his work has been published in several prestigious magazines.