Lois Gold

Blue Landscape Mixed Media on Canvas 40” x 30”

Still Life III Acrylic on Canvas 40” x 30”

“I am a colorist first and foremost,” Lois Gold says, and the way in which she handles color is central to the appeal of her works. In images that range from purely abstract compositions to pieces that incorporate elements of still life and landscape painting, she lets her distinctive color palette lead the way, filling each work with light and depth. The artist gets maximum effect from the arrangement of those colors, whether she is making a textured piece that works through the subtle variations of one shade, or is placing blocks or accents of varying colors next to each other to create a three-dimensional sense of space.

But while her images are intricately composed, they also are a product of spontaneity and intuition. In her paintings, “happy accidents” take their place beside the other aspects of her process. In addition to using brushes and her fingers to apply her paints to the canvas, she sometimes will allow water to cascade over her paints, making streaks and splashes. She also uses a variety of consistencies of paint, from acrylics to gels and incorporates stencils, gold leaf and torn pieces of handmade paper. The result is a vibrant mix of surface textures that gives each work an appealing energy.

Lois in her studio

Having been surrounded by art since her childhood, Gold brings an awareness of both Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art into her work. Her love of Monet and Bonnard are evident in her paintings, but her style creates something new and different from those influences. She notes that Bonnard’s art has led her toward “the idea of painting driven by color and pattern alone,” and in her work she moves forward from that inspiration to make images that are at once suggestive echoes of past styles and dynamic representations of a thoroughly modern world.