Lauralee Franco

I Oil on Canvas 29” x 25.5”

Lauralee Franco’s artwork descends from disparate sources. A Catholic, she was introduced to religious art in school on a daily basis, and formed an enduring love for Renaissance paintings. Later, clubbing, caught up in a steady diet of techno, hip hop, and rap, she found another wellspring for her work. “Dance,” she says, “has influenced the rhythm of my paintings.” An athletic person, Franco is interested in conveying movement throughout her compositions. “My body and my relationships shape my art,” she says. Packed with the dark intensity of oils, Franco’s paintings range from from figurative to abstract, employing geometric shapes and slashes of color. “We all
have two lives,” Franco says, “our external life and our internal life. I am interested in portraying that space in-between both realities.”

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