Jerry Anderson

Emerald Cliffs Acrylic on Canvas 24” x 24”

The eye-catching acrylic paintings of Jerry Anderson are sensuous, vibrant, and emotive. Filled with curvilinear lines and surreal forms, Anderson’s work blends bodies into the landscape and vice versa, transforming figures into architectural monoliths and rocky caverns into soft, voluptuous silhouettes. “I am particularly interested in the ‘living’ nature of all things and the dynamic balance of feminine and masculine energies,” he states. His pieces are inspired by dreams, nature–especially the vistas of the American southwest–and Anderson’s belief in Gaia, Mother Earth, and the ways he sees her manifested around him. From geological formations to human figures and clouds to rivers, Anderson’s painting represents the building blocks of life in a mysterious, compelling way.

A California artist, Anderson has long studied architecture, religions, philosophy, psychology, and shamanism. He was recently featured in Art Tour International’s list of Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art, and you can find his work on display in such disparate places as Italy, New York City, and his home state of California. He says his main goal with his painting is to use his personal vision of our shared world to remind people of the wonder and oneness of all things.