Iris Shields

A Touch of Yellow Digital on Hahnemühle Paper 6” x 9”

Winter Flight Digital on Hahnemühle Paper 20” x 30”

The digital fine art prints of Dutch photographer, Iris Shields (residing in California) unearth beauty in the mundane and create mystery out of the ordinary. With an unwavering instinct for line and shadow, Shields’ compositions lead the viewer into a world of extraordinary visual images. From mist-shrouded mountain tops to peaceful meadows, Shields’ work is united in its sense of clarity and balance, combining rich shadows with an astute application of light and placement of form to guide the eye through the photograph. Yet despite the distinct style of her photos, Shield’s portfolio is notably diverse, running the gamut from black and white to color photography and macro to panoramic lenses.

Shields has a gift for spying the “devil in the details,” transforming what most people may pass by or take for granted into something profound, such as a blade grass or the bubbles floating on the surface of a cup of coffee. Even her wide-angle landscape photographs find their strength in how Shields pays attention to every facet of the composition, with all the small parts of the scene arranged and set out thoughtfully, creating a photo that elevates nature to more than what might be appreciated with the naked eye.

In addition to landscapes, Shields experiments with portraits and street photography. She has a knack for capturing the personality of her subjects–whether human or animal–in a way that feels candid and intimate. Her street photographs encapsulate the energy and vibe of a specific place and moment in time, with a sense of immediacy and reportage that characterizes the art.

Shields is an award-winner at this year’s 32nd annual Chelsea International Fine Art Competition, and there’s no doubt that plenty more awards and recognitions lay in store for this emerging and gifted artist.