Frédérique Négrié

Luminescence 5
Digital Painting on Aluminum 35.5” x 24”

The innovation of French artist Frédérique Négrié is evident in the name of her method: digital painting. Frédérique’s pieces mix maximalism with a clear sense of order. She uses photographs and painting as her base, layering them in the manner of a streamlined collage. She then preserves the basic light and dark schematic of the original photographs but overlays kaleidoscopic colors that almost seem to be dancing. The entire composition is delivered not on canvas, but on aluminum, a surface that deepens and complicates its image with its reflective patina.

Frédérique’s pieces operate in two spheres of representation. There are the photographs and painting, which are both detailed and expansive. They show romantic landscapes, thrilling seascapes, and sweeping, timeless interiors. The photos are combined and layered in a way so that they almost make physical sense – but they are more vast and more disorienting. than any real space. The other world of representation is in the natural patterns created by the aluminum surface, which invade the viewer’s real space and require a three-dimensional way of thinking.