Eva Otterström

Mural Painter III Acrylic on Canvas 47.5” x 35.5”

Eva Otterström was born into a colorful home. The daughter of a photographer and a furniture designer, she trained as a silversmith and goldsmith, a skillset she has since transferred to printmaking. Transitioning between linocuts and acrylic paint, Otterström enjoys exploring the rigidity of the former and flexibility of the latter. This parallel focus reflects Otterström’s own life, which is divided between a longtime medical career and lifetime exploration of the arts. Her current body of work is rife with graffiti artists and lingering giraffes, subjects near-anagrammatically linked but otherwise comically juxtaposed. “My intention is to wake emotions, good or bad,” says Otterström. “I often have thoughts of fairness and unfairness, sorrow and happiness, good and bad. I want my work to contain something unexpected.”