Donna Broder

Chrysalis #2 Monotype on Fine Art Paper 24” x 18”

Donna Broder’s work takes nature’s forms and translates them into images that combine a sharp eye for observing the details of the world around her, specifically Hawaii and the American West, with an instinctive feel for color and line. “Nature influences me because of the color and atmosphere,” she says, “the sky, water, trees, earth.” That influence expresses itself both in the harmony and balance found within each image, and the dynamic spontaneity that enlivens them. While predominantly abstract, her monotypes, done on fine art paper, are alive with the spirit of the outdoors. Bright shades and fluid lines are juxtaposed with bold shapes and meticulously constructed patterns to create a shifting sense of energy. The resulting pieces capture the natural world’s constant state of transformation.

Broder says she rarely uses either preliminary sketches or photographs in the process of making her images, preferring to let an image’s meaning emerge naturally as it is being made. “I just get started and let the rhythm of making art guide me,” she says. A self-taught artist, who is a painter and sculptor in addition to her work as a printmaker, she is always on the lookout for new avenue of expression. “Learning,” she says, “is a very exciting part of making art.”