David J. Marchi

Lanka Tomi Acrylic on Canvas 55” x 116”

The abstract expressionist paintings of David J. Marchi are richly colored and textured, full of joyous movement and bursting with energy. Like one of his major artistic influences, Jackson Pollock, Marchi paints on the floor, using every painting implement he can find: brushes, flowers, kitchen utensils, hands and feet. “I love to connect all paint movements in my art so the piece is eventually all one. I love circles, infinity and blended colors,” Marchi says. If you look closely you might spot his paint palette, which he incorporates into every painting. Marchi’s bright color choices and ecstatic paint drips, swirls, and swaths reflect the enthusiasm and optimism of the artist himself. He also gains a significant amount of inspiration for his work from fashion. “ The fabrics, materials, beading, construction, colors, it is like a pallet you can wear,” he enthuses. His family is also an important influence on his work

Myakoba Acrylic on Canvas 64” x 53”

Marchi describes his painting style as “abstract spontaneous combustion,” an explosion of movement, energy, light, and color. He says the most gratifying thing for him as an artist is seeing the way people react to his work and how they relate it to their own lives and experiences, putting their own spin on the meaning of each piece.

David in his studio

Marchi grew up in a creative family, but didn’t paint until a boating accident in May 2015 fractured his back. Eight days later, he woke up in the middle of the night with an undeniable urge to paint, picked up some pigments and a canvas, and hasn’t stopped painting since. “I paint every day, sometimes every hour of the day and I wouldn’t want it any other way,” he says. He currently divides his time between New York City and Vermont.