Corinne Garese

Fête Oil on Canvas 46” x 32”

Born in France, along the Mediterranean Sea, Corinne Garese found art at a young age, quickly turning to it as a preferred mode of expression. With the encouragement of her high school teachers, Garese enrolled at the Fine Arts College at Bordeaux, after which she pursued further studies at ICART in Paris. Though she now lives on the opposite coast, near a larger, entirely different body of water, the Mediterranean has remained in her work, a mainstay that exudes a feeling of peace and home.

Garese comes from a lineage of female painters, and fondly recalls her grandmother’s paintings decorating the family home. Unsurprisingly, female empowerment and identity have emerged as dominant themes in her work. “The different characters of my portraits keep their own cultural authenticity,” Garese says. “They share pride, strength, and an air of self-assurance.” Time and timelessness also factor heavily into her paintings. “The central concept is to cast a new light, a new framing, a new touch on those subjects,” she says, “to give them a more contemporary form and feel, to let the viewer rediscover and capture the part of the dream emanating from them.”