Colin Grant

Night Falls; Black Swan Oil on Canvas 38” x 36”

Australian painter Colin Grant combines an inspiration from nature with an aesthetic born of the artist’s interior life. Grant paints fruit, tree branches, deer, swans, and other poetic images that symbolize the beauty of mother nature. He focuses on one animal or detail at a time, going so far as to use one pinecone or a single bird’s wing to fill a canvas. Framed as they are, with no vast expanses of terrain filling out the space, the pieces are remarkable for their ability to blend wildness and intimacy.

Grant uses the flexibility of oil paint to create his signature texture: a gauzy mix of rich colors that burn bright before bleeding together. He depicts his flora and fauna in highly realistic detail but tinted in neons and jewel tones. The background is a dreamscape of shadows and repeated shapes that suggest not methodical nature studies but rather whispers and half-forgotten thoughts.