Cindy Parsley

Coral Enigma Acrylic on Canvas 36” x 36”

Cindy Parsley’s work crosses genre lines and traditional aesthetic boundaries to deliver a message taut with symbolic meaning. Parsley works in multiple veins: landscape, abstract, figurative, and combinations thereof. Her landscapes are full of exuberant natural sunlight and zero in on just a small part of the terrain, placing the viewer in a personal environment. Her depictions of people are mininarratives with emotionally wrought moments at their center. Her abstract work features clashes of bold brushstrokes and even bolder colors.

Parsley switches styles as often as she switches subjects. She paints in acrylic and makes the most of that medium’s ability to produce deep, opaque colors. Some pieces are faithfully realistic, with clean brushstrokes and impeccable details. Others offer impressionistic, soft surfaces. Still others are created with urgent, spiky textures that hint of Abstract Expressionism. Parsley’s body of work overall is marked by full compositions and a bright, rounded palette.