Bulsby “Buzz” Duncan

Validation Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas 24” x 18 ”

Ever since he was a young child watching his cousin draw, Bulsby “Buzz” Duncan has been drawn toward making art. That interest has resulted in a body of work that crosses many styles and boundaries, while maintaining a strong and unified personal vision. Duncan describes his work as Abstract Expressionism, but in his hands that style also incorporates a sharp take on the reality of the world surrounding him. Ranging from compositions in which pure colors, textures and patterns take the foreground to images that address political conflicts and social struggles, he creates paintings with a liveliness and power that reach out to the viewer.

Duncan incorporates a wide range of media in his work, employing acrylics, charcoal and gold leaf on both paper and canvas. That variety is also reflected in the varied techniques at his command, which include bold, precisely rendered patterns and hand lettering along with drips and swirls of paint and dynamic juxtapositions of bright colors. But in each work, materials and technique are at the service of the story the artist is telling. “I love to paint thought-provoking pieces that engage people in conversation,” he says, and the clarity and strength found in his images give that conversation a provocative and challenging starting point.