Brenda Ness-Cooper

The Boat Shed Watercolor on Board 20” x 16”

The paintings of Brenda Ness-Cooper possess a delightful, irresistible charm that draws viewers into the artist’s world. With bright, vibrant colors, simple lines, and a modern sense of perspective reminiscent of Japanese prints, Cooper captures locations near her home and abroad. “I think my paintings are unique because each painting tells a clear story of what was happening at the very moment that I captured the image on my paper,” she says. From Sydney to Venice to Santorini, Cooper’s paintings offer a blissful narrative of travel and escape. She sketches her distinctive watercolors first on paper, then completes them on Aquabord, a watercolor art board with a paper-like surface that can then be sealed and hung without glass, allowing the watercolor pigments in Cooper’s work to appear particularly luminous, as kissed by the sun as many of the places Cooper loves to depict.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Cooper took up painting after working as an English teacher in New York City schools for 34 years. She hopes her pieces will inspire people to visit the locales she paints, or at the very least enjoy them through her artwork.