Bobbie See

Retreat Acrylic on Canvas 24” x 36”

Living on Shuswap Lake in Anglemont, British Columbia, Bobbie See is enveloped by nature, protected and inspired by the strength of the surrounding trees. She sees these trees as a grounding force, and has dedicated her craft to them. Originally a figurative painter, See has since found her own style, which she describes as a combination of abstraction and structure. Experimenting with paint for the last thirty years, she has come to love the blending of oils, but the forgiving nature of acrylic too. Her current series consists of large, acrylic treescapes that seem to sprout from the midst of otherworldly, ethereal realms.

Silence Acrylic on Canvas 48” x 24”

“Mother nature is present in my work,” See says. “She is an artist like no other, and her palette is full of colors that we, as artists, try to replicate.” Watching winter snow, the fall leaves, See absorbs everything, learning a few of nature’s colors at a time, taking in a bit of her beauty, and preparing herself for the next painting. Formerly obsessed with realism to the detriment of her work, See has learned to sit back and consider her paintings, to know when each piece is done. This is an emotional moment for See, who regards her creations with the pride of a mother. When she is certain the piece is finished, she is able to set it aside and begin work on something new.

For See, nature is more than the content of her work; it is life itself. Blissful in nature, she seeks to share her passion with the wider world, and to remind her viewers of their own innate talents. “I believe we are all born with many gifts,” See says. “One of mine just happens to be the ability to create with a blank canvas, imagination, color, emotion, and brushes that dance.”