Bimbi Larraburu

Cuando Ya No Me
Oil on Canvas
47.5” x 39.5”

The canvas is both a laboratory and a playground for Argentinian painter Bimbi Larraburu, who creates abstract oils with wit, energy, and emotional acuity. Larraburu pulls elements of fragmentation, obfuscation, and movement into her compositions. She builds each painting out of shapes that are somewhere between quick, carefree brushstrokes and whole, constructed forms. Some of these shapes approach perfect squares while others undulate in the unseen current of the painting. Some contain multitudes of color. Some are missing a closing side and, as a result, bleed into the background. These little shapes bounce off each other, stick together at the edges, congeal, and pull each other along in chains. Larraburu uses them to create structures that are alternately sturdy, flexible, and altogether liquid.

Los Colores de Mi Alma
Oil on Canvas
47.5” x 39.5”

Larraburu hints at the complex narratives behind her pieces with her titles, which can be anything from Lo Que Quieras se Puede Cambiar (What You Want Can Change) to Y Un Día fué el Fin (And One Day Was The End). Pure ideas are also used, such as Sueños Rotos (Broken Dreams) or, most simply, Earth. Beyond these tantalizing hints, Larraburu invites the viewer on a journey with a number of aesthetic cues. She tells a story of movement with her palette, which uses bright colors that directly clash and appear in both delicate washes and intense saturation. She tells an emotional story with her fleet and variable textures. And she tells a story of interaction by creating compositions with concentrated, numerous details. The viewer’s eye is always moving, and always searching for relationships.

Bimbi in her studio

Larraburu was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she maintains her own studio today. She has participated in both solo and group exhibitions all around her home country.

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