Arlette Zurbuchen

Right of Help Acrylic on Canvas 16” x 12”

Born in Bern, Switzerland, Arlette Zurbuchen trained in the arts, becoming a set painter then director in the theatre. For the last twenty years, she has developed her craft, capturing the world as she sees it, or wills it to be. “Human beings are my favorite subject,” Zurbuchen says. “I am fascinated by their mysterious behavior, courage, hopelessness, and contradiction.” Zurbuchen hopes to spark the imaginations of her audience with work that reflects her own experience with humankind, relying on humor and sober thought in equal measure.

For Zurbuchen, the use of strong colors represents more than a technical choice; it is a tribute to multicultural life itself, the coming together of all that is bright and bold and sad and beautiful. She believes in the connective capability of art, pulling together disparate views from across the world, binding her viewers with common threads, filling her acrylic paintings with animals, cities, gods, flowers, and people. Over the years, her experiences with refugees have led her to explore social and political themes within her work, but the conversation is often a larger one. “The arguments of daily life are the center of my work,” she says. “I think that art should take place in life and life in art.”