Andrew Glass

Shicheng Oil on Birch Panel 30” x 30”

Andrew Glass is as much a storyteller as a painter, but the stories he tells do not follow a standard narrative path. Instead, they explore the ways in which art creates meaning. Inspired by Jacques Derrida, the French philosopher who coined the term “deconstruction,” Glass breaks down traditional ways of seeing. Through what he calls a “reductive style of painting,” Glass takes forms and motifs based on what he has seen in his environment, and by repeating them in subtle variations, distills them to their basic essence while employing them as building blocks in a new language. In his paintings, executed in oils on birch panel, varying combinations of color, composition and texture reveal the nature of his materials and bring the aesthetic and historical aspects of his process into focus.

Glass says that he sees himself as an inventor, and the search for the new is a large part of his art’s appeal. There is a sense of discovery in his works, a feeling that no matter how similar adjacent patterns may seem, there is something important and revealing that distinguishes each variation. In addition, his strong eye for color gives each piece a jewel-like intensity, enlivening their intricate patterns and powerfully engaging the viewer’s attention.