Barcelona: A Sea of ​​Art

By Vanitira

Barcelona, ​​with the sea at its feet, its colors, the sand reflecting the sun, the Ramblas and its radiant flower stands; the market of the Boqueria and its vibrant stands of fruits and vegetables, the people walking, the Gothic Quarter and its old stone streets full of history; the mountain of Montjuic, its fortress and the exuberant vegetation, the lighthouse illuminating the coast, the Plaza España and its hub of energy; the modernist district of l’Eixample with its inner patios and wrought iron balconies, the exquisite hydraulic mosaics; the port and its boats undulating its masts with the sea breeze of the evening; the imposing modernist temple of the Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudí, its towers and its spectacular stained glass windows, the Parc Güell and its multicolored trencadís…

Barcelona, ​​with its new urban and architectural conceptions, with spectacular designs and modern buildings such as the Torre Agbar in the technological district, the impressive W Hotel in the shape of a sail on the Barceloneta beach, the updated Plaza de Toros de las Arenas of Plaza España converted into a commercial center, the massive, luminous Museum of Contemporary Art of Catalonia in the Barrio del Raval, the modern street market of the Encants Vells… all contributing to the city’s enticing visuals.

The convergence of the marked cultural and architectural past with its new technologies applied to urbanism, architecture and design have made Barcelona the city that the world knows it to be today: cosmopolitan, attractive, cultured yet traditional, historical and welcoming.

From a very young age, beauty has been my main source of artistic pursuit. It is the reason why I started to draw in pencil, and for which I have come to find a form of total artistic expression, digital art, that allows me to communicate my way of understanding beauty to the observer so that they can grasp the essence and the soul behind it.

The combination of my own search for beauty with the artistic and cultural environment of living in Barcelona is reflected in and has conditioned my own process of creation. I start with a classical conception in terms of shapes, colors and textures, next applying an abstract proposal. Then, instead of brushes, spatula and oil, I use digital art, which allows me to explore and play with an immense range of artistic possibilities and alternatives to the classic canvas or wood, such as photographic paper, aluminum or methacrylate… a whole sea of ​​art.