Artwork: Genome by Şebnem Keçeli

Şebnem Keçeli Genome Bronze
21” x 6.5” x 11.5″

Why were you attracted to this particular artwork?

I was instantly drawn to the flowing nature of it along with the reflective quality of the scuplture.

Did you first see the artwork online?

Yes, I found the sculpture online and then shared it with my wife, Sarah, and interior designer, Sarah Wells, both loved it and worked well within our home

How did the style, color, size and price influence your selection?

The flowing design coupled with silver finish over the bronze mirroring its surroundings made this a must have in our collection.

Did you have a particular space in mind for the artwork before you purchased it?

Not particularly. We often purchase art without knowing exact locations for it but know what we like in our collection.

Were you familiar with the artist before you made your selection?

No, I was not familiar with Şebnem Keçeli before browsing the website.

How did you learn of Agora Gallery?

Via the Internet

Collectors: Michael & Sarah Kaminski
Designer: Sarah Wells