Artwork: #5260 by Susan Kadish

Why were you attracted to this particular artwork?
I was immediately attracted to this stoneware sculpture because of its unique elegant features and its design.

Did you first see the artwork online?
I first saw it at Agora Gallery, at the opening reception, not online.

How did the style, color, size and price influence your selection?
The purple color with silver details definitely influenced the selection because purple is one of our favorite colors and together with the artwork’s size, it made for a perfect choice for our home.

Did you have a particular space in mind for the artwork before you purchased it?
When we purchased Susan’s art work we did have a place in mind for it, that being the entry foyer of our home, where it is prominently displayed..

Were you familiar with the artist before you made your selection?
Yes, Susan is a dear friend of ours.

How did you learn of Agora Gallery?
We have heard about the gallery from a friend of ours. We are very pleased that we were able to purchase this wonderful piece that has become a focal point of our home, to everyone’s enjoyment.

Collectors: Eileen and Michael Sapraicone
Artwork: #5260 by Susan Kadish