ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 91

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
rench artist
Claire Jubault
’s paintings are a symphony of line and
color. “The brushes are the language, the colors are the words,” she
explains. With a sense of curiosity and ingenuity, Jubault works as a free
spirit. “In each painting, I try to go on an adventure, on the lookout for
discoveries,” she says, and this sense of liberating excitement is reflected
in the results.
Jubault is a former educator, but has harbored an interest in drawing and
art since childhood. Her current work balances a charming naiveté with
a sophisticated and delicate use of color and composition. One almost
feels as if Jubault’s work is a world unto itself, one that may reveal endless
possibilities with further study. The artist herself describes her pieces as
stories and messages from her heart.
Claire Jubault
lluminatedby a fiery passion,
’s compellingphotography
speaks of hidden meanings and personal discoveries, as solidity melts
away into spirit in the tensions between bright warmth and contrasting
shadow. Bodin’s large scale photographic prints engulf viewers with the
power of their presence, as she explores the inner dreamscapes of the
psyche in layers of golden light and energy.
Abandoning representation in favor of a surrealistic magical realism,
Bodin allows room for individual interpretations and dialogs to emerge
from within the abstraction. Based on installations built from wood and
transparencies, the imagery walks a fine balance between the physical
and the ethereal, as structural forms dissolve in an ephemeral blaze of
light and mysterious visions emerge, intriguing and engaging the mind.
Garden Shadows
Photographic Print 48” x 35
Nichole Bodin
Dans la Rue N2 Oil on Canvas 12” x 12”
heli Sanabria
’s minimal ink on wood sculptural installations
are born of a process of introspection where intellect and spirit
intersect. Sanabria engages in meditation during his creative process
to enter into communion with his human essence. He comes from
a family with a long tradition of carving images of saints. Working
with treated industrial wood and permanent ink patina, the artist
maintains that it is through sanding and shaping wood that he is able
to establish “a link with my inner energy” and “human essence.”
Cheli Sanabria was born and currently lives in Lajas, Puerto Rico. He is
a U.S. citizen of Puerto Rican origin and studied at the Inter American
University of Puerto Rico, San Germán Campus. He has exhibited
internationally including in Stockholm, Seoul, Paris, and Venice.
Three Thorns
Ink on Wood
24” x 10” x 3.5”
Cheli Sanabria
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