ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 89

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
he acrylic and oil on canvas paintings of
Jose Descronos
are infused with layers of emotive and cultural significance
despite the visual simplicity of his execution in terms of composition, color, and form. Inspired by the works of
Salvador Dali, Descronos creates images that are grand in scope, with a strong emphasis both on geometrical form and
the intersection of line and color. The palettes he chooses are muted, with accents of brighter hues, serving more to
emphasize the forms themselves and elucidate the expressionistic elements of the works than as a primary component
of the painting. Compositions are balanced and almost orderly, creating a marked juxtaposition with the great emotional
energy that reverberates throughout each piece.
In developing his particular artistic style, Descronos sought to create something entirely new and visually distinctive
from what had come before. It is this original drive and purpose that continues to shape his work. There is a freedom
in his paintings, despite the constraints of line and
geometrical form, pointing to a greater depth of
visual experience lying beneath the surface. Through
his art, Descronos seeks to provoke the viewer to
go further, to look deeper into the two dimensional
space of the painting and discover a whole new
Descronos is primarily self-taught, and draws on a
process of trial and error, seeking to learn from his
mistakes and reach new visual heights along the
way. His awareness of history and art history – not
as a collection of facts but as a mutable entity that
influences our own lives today – also influences
his art.  As he says, “My works are based on the
reflection on the historical time and chronology
of art… The result is work of richness and honesty,
which frequently achieves that emotional response I
have been hoping for from the start.”
Jose Descronos
Batalla en una lata de conserva cronologica Oil on Canvas 37.5” x 36”
Shade Above the Horizon IIi Acrylic on Linen 33.5” x 27.6”
Jose in his Studio
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