ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 84

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
Les Vestige 5 Mixed Media on Canvas 37.5” x 37.5”
nspired by the freedom and exhilaration of Paris and the wild beauty
of her Australian homeland,
Wendy Hope
infuses her richly worked
abstractions with elements drawn from the landscape, teasing out
suggestions of shape and form in a joyous vision of luminosity and
line. Within Hope’s sweeping layers of texture and pigment there
remains a harmonic balance, carved from the chaos with an instinctual
spontaneity and evident pure delight in her medium.
Building her art in mixed media on canvas, Hope’s process is at once
complex and liberating, as she fills her surfaces with an intricate layering
of thick and linear marks. Allowing herself time and space to fully
discover each painting’s journey, her large scale works are expressively
atmospheric, alight with a playfully ethereal and energetic wonder.
Wendy Hope
Rose Oil on Canvas 18” x 21”
nspired by Cezanne and Picasso,
Nobuko Ogawa
brings a fresh take
on the modernist tradition to his oil on canvas paintings. “I cherish
line and color,” the artist says, and he effectively uses both in pieces that
are at once classically composed images of human figures and bold
statements of pattern, texture and abstract form. Employing a color
palette that juxtaposes deep blues and greens with accents of intense
red and yellow, Ogawa creates images in which energetic brushstrokes
are incorporated into elegant compositions.
One can also note the effect of Japanese calligraphy on this work, and
Ogawa’s use of strong, simple lines to sketch out his figures and their
backgrounds gives each of them an openness that enlivens their forms
and makes them feel spontaneous and thoroughly new.
Nobuko Ogawa
The King Oil on Canvas 57” x 69”
Samantha Emery
has enjoyed a privileged exposure to the
outdoors and wilderness since childhood, and remarks that it is
nature’s fluid and solid forms which inspire her aesthetically and which
appear in her dynamic oil on canvas paintings. Fascinated by texture,
color and subtle currents we might venture to call the “aura” of painting,
her works communicate in layers. Whether rendering a figure or an
abstract form, her paintings suggest the complexity of looking, and
highlight energetic traces left by rich emotional experiences. Intuitive
and process-driven, Emery’s works offer tender meditations on the
nature of color, both in its wondrous simplicity and its serene depths.
Samantha Emery was born in London, UK to a British mother and
Canadian father and currently lives and works in Bodrum, Turkey.
Samantha Emery
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