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ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
n gauzy oil on canvas,
Elisa Grion
captures personalities on display.
Grion paints small interactions between people, and sometimes animals:
a group waiting at a bus stop, two children in a rowboat, a girl feeding
ducks. These people may know each other or not, and may be openly
communicating or not, but it is irrelevant. Grion mines the subtext of these
quiet scenes – circumstance, body language, and the tiniest micro-actions.
By playing upon our assumptions and revealing just a little information, she
conjures an entire narrative out of a single scene.
The artist paints with an easy realism that does not include every detail –
she omits faces, for example – but leaves in enough to convey emotion
and idiosyncrasy. Her hand moves quickly across the canvas with either
brush or palette knife and luxuriates in visible strokes. The style is in part a
modern form of Impressionism. She creates complex but skillfully balanced
compositions, and experiments with color according to the mood of the
work. Her paintings are, above all, atmospheric in light and tone.
Grion has exhibited across South America and Europe as well as in New
Flamencos al Sol Acrylic on Canvas 18” x 19.5”
Elisa Grion
efore she became a serious painter,
worked as an accountant, and she
suggests that the sense of meticulousness needed
in that occupation carried over, surprisingly, into the
approach she takes to her art. “I see the small detail
that makes up the whole,” she says, and through
her deft combinations of those small details she
produces paintings that capture her subjects with
a sharp, clear realism. Often using photographs as
a starting point, she focuses on finding the physical
essence of each object, animal or person she depicts.
From the texture of a sweater to a bird’s feathers to
beautifully rendered skies and bodies of water, her
paintings put the physical world front and center.
But the precise eye for texture and color which
Anderson brings to her still lifes, nature scenes
and portraits is only half the story. That precision
is placed at the service of a lively visual style. In her oil on linen images, she makes the most of the lush colors that oils
provide and employs a strong ability to recreate the subtle glow of natural light. Her compositions, while balanced and
harmonious, always feel fresh and spontaneous, giving each image a relaxed energy that makes it come vividly alive.
Into the Sunset Oil on Canvas 30” x 40”
Betty Anderson
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