ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 82

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
lva Hreidarsdottir
’s collograph prints are absorbing,
multi-sensory glimpses into nature. Hreidarsdottir
makes prints by applying pigment directly to the plate,
using a variety of drawing and painting techniques for
different layering and finishing effects. The plates are in
black-and-white, with rare touches of brown and blue
amid the symphony of delicate grays that she is able to
draw out. Each work features a deceptively simple abstract
composition that turns on a few lines separating broad
fields of tone.
It is Hreidarsdottir’s textures that are the true star of the
work. Marbled, scratched, cracked, and stretched, the
many surfaces are a visual marker of the process by which
they were made. The artist’s inspiration is in cliff faces and
weathered rocks, and her work bears the mark of physical
movement just like a riverbed that has been grooved by the
flow of water. As in nature, no two plates are ever the same.
Hreidarsdottir was born in a fishing village in western Iceland
and today lives in Reykjavik, where she maintains a studio.
She has exhibited extensively around Iceland and abroad,
and taught in the art departments of several prestigious
Dwelling Place I Collograph 29.5” x 29.5”
Elva Hreidarsdottir
T.M. Clingerman
keen observer of both natural and manmade
T. M. Clingerman
creates a new,
pocket-sized world with each work. Clingerman
paints intimate glimpses of pristine landscape and
endearing views of unromantic towns. His effortless
realism and fluid hand makes for little capsule
universes that are easy to enter, presenting us with
sights from a sun-drenched pond covered in water
lilies to a lone man on a park bench, engulfed in
fiery autumn foliage. The works have movement
and unexpected compositional touches while still
being unmistakable, unassuming images of the
quintessential American small town.
Clingerman sees everything through a lens of color.
His pieces, with their many atmospheres and types
of natural illumination, work through the way light
and shadow affect one’s perception of color. His
self-described “all-inclusive palette” is sharp and
frequently bright, but also incredibly sensitive to light quality and time of day. Clingerman captures the manner in which
surfaces reflect not only light, but color too; how light slows as it passes through translucent snow; and how it radiates off stars.
Clingerman was born in Lyons, New York and today lives in Bailey, Colorado, where he maintains a studio. His past work has
included pieces with political and social messages, as well as images created in airbrush.
Moon Rise Over Lone Rock Oil Pastel on Paper 16” x 20”
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