ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 80

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
ombining the freedom and spontaneity
of the painting process with the optical
variations made possible by our digital age,
German artist
Wolfgang Hock
introduces us
to an entirely new artistic medium. Hock has
developed a unique technique whereby he
draws by hand directly into the computer, in a
sense painting on virtual paper. He transfers the
resulting digital model to a painting, using it as
a source of inspiration, making the painting
perceptible only optically as free image
structures of light, color, line, surface, space,
concentration, movement, and composition. To
achieve this he often experiments with different
forms of painting, and accentuates the image
with spontaneous brushstrokes and other elements that both honor the model and also demonstrate the visual richness
that can be perceived apart from the apparent logic of the digital image.
What results are paintings that explore a new, invented, consistent and transparent reality, where the power and accuracy
of the projected lens-based image of photography on which we are all so reliant these days is called into question. Instead,
Hock challenges us to see that the world doesn’t look like a photograph, and that there is so much more to be seen if one
but takes a closer look.
Churrascaria Digital Painting - Inkjet Print on Paper 24” x 40”
Wolfgang Hock
he unique paintings of self-trained artist
George Tsatsos
labyrinthine constructions of shapes and colors. “Although they
appear ‘right,’” Tsatsos explains, “they are impossible in the real world…
each element can be perceived in different ways, depending on which
way you look at it.” With hints of fantasy and humor, these images
reveal more of themselves with longer study, like a puzzle gradually
constructed in the viewer’s mind or a Buddhist koan. The artist himself
says that his pieces are the result of his dedication to meditation.
A native of Greece, Tsatsos is upfront about the indelible influence of
Greek culture on his work. “The Greek culture stands for individuality,
high aesthetic achievement, an open mind and great self-confidence…
All this, if properly absorbed and assimilated, expands the artistic
potential and gives the confidence of treading onto new paths,” he
says. This has offered Tsatsos inspiration in his quest to invent new
forms and always remain original. He hopes his work will thrill people,
cause them to consider the world in a new way, or just make them
happy. “All agree that [my paintings] make them ‘feel good,’ smile and
infuse them with a sense of joy.”
Landscape with Monuments and a Lake
Acrylic on Canvas 39.5” x 27.5”
George Tsatsos
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