ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 79

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
he digital prints of French artist
Violette Cici
are bright, energetic
imaginings of other universes and perspectives. “To stay open to
others’ realities and not be sure about anything that we’ve been taught
— to always leave a question mark. That’s part of my message,” she says.
Cici’s prints are produced quickly and instinctively. Inspired by what
she calls magical moments, the artist transforms an idea into an image
quickly, “like when you take a photo… because for me the first instance
of love is the most beautiful.” Cici hopes that her prints will make people
happy and, through her use of colors and ghostly forms, produce positive
energy. “I’ve had enough of negativity and I would love to see positivity
instead,” she says.
Violette Cici
he symbolic, expressionistic paintings of French artist
Ouni Mam
characterized by pure, saturated colors and a strong emphasis on line
and form. Central here is Ouni Mam’s masterful use of light, which serves
to enhance the vibrancy of the colors while simultaneously adding a
degree of transparency meant to suggest the lightness, immateriality,
fragility, and transience of the subject.
Above all, Ouni Mam’s work is transformational, as she takes recognizable
subjects and strips them of reality, exploring instead all that exists that is
intangible, conceptual, and almost indescribable. Her paintings are pure
emotion, conveying a vibrancy and sense of movement that invite the
viewer to explore a dream world in which emotions are the driving force
and the possibilities are seemingly endless.
Le Mouchoir blanc
Oil on Canvas 32” x 25.5”
Ouni Mam
Leonardo & Einstein Meeting
Giclee Print 33.5” x 37.5”
orking primarily in oil on canvas,
Marcia Haufrecht
draws from
all aspects of human experience when creating her dynamic
compositions. Often exploring human figuration and colorful, active
renderings of community life, her work explores the tangible and
intangible traces of the body and mind. Color, form and line cohere
in powerful, semi-abstracted depictions of the full range of human
capacity. Having worked professionally on and off Broadway as a
dancer, actor and playwright, Haufrecht’s passionate approach to
paint on canvas is very much informed by the energetic sense of
expressive motion.
Marcia Haufrecht was born and raised in Manhattan and has exhibited
her work in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Manhattan and
Brooklyn. Her paintings are included in numerous private collections.
Girl Blue Subway Oil on Canvas 28” x 22”
Marcia Haufrecht
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