ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 77

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
anging from highly textural abstraction to assemblage-like mixed
media works featuring found material,
Sherry Sweet Tewell
paintings and sculptures often employ acrylic and resin on wood. In
this abundant and explosive body of work blues, greens, magenta
and yellow drip, streak and trot across the compositional field.
Inspired by the landscape of Florida where she has made her home
for over twenty years, the artist claims painting as her passion and
the wild expanses of the naturally technicolor Key West as her muse.
Sherry Sweet Tewell is a nationally recognized multidisciplinary artist,
acclaimed for her vibrant illustrations, textile and graphic designs,
murals, and decorative art. Originally from Kentucky, she now lives in
Florida where she is an artist in residence at The Studios of Key West.
Love Taker Acrylic & Resin on Wood 18” x 36”
Sherry Sweet Tewell
Pelota sin Aire con Agua
Digital Print on Hannemule Photo Rag Pearl Paper 320 gr.
11” x 18”
hotographer and artist
Pablo Fernández Márquez
creates prints
that, from a distance, look like abstract patterns. But upon closer
examination, images of nature and urban landscapes emerge, reflected
in ways that can be humorous, disturbing, beautiful and surprising.
Born in Mexico, Pablo Fernández Márquez has wanted to be an artist
since he was fifteen years old. He interprets his art as a series of
experiences: his own experience of constantly pushing the boundaries
of technique and medium, combined with the viewer’s experience of
seeing it. “I feel art is about the sensuous, the feeling, the heart, the
aesthetic and the Form too,” he says. “…if I am lucky, the work might
activate the space in a sensual and original way, that I haven’t seen
Pablo Fernández Márquez
erman artist
Dagmar Wankowski
paints in watercolor, oil and
acrylic on canvas. Known for large compositions richly laden
with expressive color and atmospheric depth, Wankowski thinks
of her paintings as a veritable “free-zone” where an abundance of
energetic flows crystallize on canvas. Streams of light and shadow
meet billowing folds of cloud-shaped color fields. Deeply inspired by
the beauty and essence of nature, Wankowski’s work often translates
the artist’s own impressions of the changing of seasons. Highlighting
the form and function of these cycles, she depicts visually the way in
which they ultimately pace contemporary daily life.
Dagmar Wankowski was born in Berlin and currently lives and works
there. After working professionally as a Film Editor for many years,
she started painting in 2001. She has exhibited her work throughout
Dagmar Wankowski
OP. 391 Acrylic on Canvas 47.2” x 63”
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