ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 73

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
As our world’s human population continues to rise dramatically,
with increasing industrial development and urban communities,
it is essential for future generations that we preserve natural
habitats and nurture our connection to these landscapes.
Therefore, as a contribution toward this objective, I donate
50% of the pro t earned from each print sale to two speci c
organizations (25% each) which are both dedicated to this
mission - The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), and the
Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS).
The NCC ( is Canada’s largest privately
funded national conservation association with a vision to
protect “areas of natural diversity for their intrinsic value and
for the bene t of our children and those after them.” Guided
by the best available conservation science, they work to “secure
important natural areas through their purchase, donation, or
other mechanisms, and then manage these properties for the
long term”. As a person dedicated to photographing natural
Canadian habitats, it is also my responsibility to contribute to
their preservation and as such 25% of the proceeds earned
from each print sold is donated to the NCC.
The Royal Canadian Geographical Society is one of Canada’s
largest non-pro t organizations. Founded in 1929 “to make
Canada better known to Canadians and to the world”, it achieves
this through its magazine publication Canadian Geographic,
and through its educational programs. In an increasingly
urbanized world, it is essential to connect children to nature, in
order to nurture their relationship to our collective heritage. I
donate 25% of the proceeds from each print sale to the RCGS,
as a contribution to this mandate.
It is my intent, over the coming years, to
create a collection of Canadian landscape
images that will evoke a feeling of wonder
for our natural world, while also contributing
to the awareness and preservation of these
essential landscapes.
Incinerator Rock Pacific Rim National Park Reserve Van-
couver Island Canada
First Light - St. John’s Newfoundland
“my vision being
to portray their
essence through a
photographic style
that invokes a sense
of wonder for the
diversity and beauty
of the Canadian
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