ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 71

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
eality,” says
Gordana Tomic
, “is just boring,” and
in her paintings, transcending reality and giving
it new life become the goal. “Art can have its own
reality,” she notes, “and that is exactly the supremacy
of art over our impression of reality.” In her images,
abstraction and representation play off against
each other to create a world in which everything
seems possible. While some of her paintings have
abstract patterns and symbols as their starting
point, others begin with scenes taken from nature
or with the depiction of a human figure. In either
case, the artist’s bold use of line and color result in
striking compositions. What she aims to capture are
“energized moments,” in which combinations of color,
movement and texture create a powerful rhythm.
Employing a palette of deep tones, Tomic mines
the expressive possibilities of color. Whether she is
subtly manipulating the shades of a twilight sky or
creating a background of neon intensity to enfold
a woman, the artist lets her colors set the mood.
Expertly balancing lights and darks, she infuses even the most abstract image with a feeling of depth and space, a three-
dimensionality that makes it come alive.
The same physicality can also be felt in Tomic’s choice of materials, her painting style and the scale on which she works. The
artist enjoys working in “big formats,” with a special fondness for diptychs. Using oils and acrylics, she also incorporates media
such as volcanic sand into her images. When combined with the energy of her brushstrokes and the layers of pigment on her
canvases, this gives her images a tactile quality that further adds to their impact. “Art takes me on the road to one new world,”
Tomic says, and her skill easily allows her to take us on that road with her.
Sunset Acrylic on Canvas with Vulcano Lava Sand 39.5” x 59”
Gordana Tomic
Gordana Tomic
Orange diptych
Acrylic on Canvas with Vulcano Lava Sand 31.5” x 31.5”
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