ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 70

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
Freedom Acrylic & Color Pencil on Paper 11.5” x 16”
eo Komuro
is a contemporary artist working primarily in acrylic and
colored pencil on paper with occasional use of digital formats. Since
becoming partially paralyzed by a rare disease, the artist has developed
work that is about internal space, and the changes his practice went
through when he lost full mobility. Influenced by the bold coloration of
Pop art and the outsider artist Zonnenshutarn, Komuro’s works are at
once playful and loaded with potent symbols. Adopting simple media
such as crayons, colored pencil and ballpoint pen, he weaves together
delicate folds of color and brightly hued geometric forms and patterns.
Organic and futuristic, his works incorporate large semi-abstract forms
and delicate, miniscule details.
Leo Komuro graduated from the Musasino School in 1998 and has
exhibited professionally in Tokyo and New York City.
Leo Komuro
tunning and panoramic, these limited edition photographic prints
by American artist
Tom McGee
explore the sublime stretches of the
western United States.
Having experimented with photography from a very young age, his
current works exemplify this artist’s keen understanding of organic form
and rigorous artistic scope. McGee is a nomadic artist whose work takes
him from the Pacific Northwest’s Puget Sound and into the lumbering
mountains and dusty desert stretches of the American Southwest.
Carrying his camera and tripod on a daily basis, McGee remains ever at
the ready to capture the full range of nature’s vivid landscape experiences.
Tom McGee was born in Blythe, California and currently lives and works
in Crosby, a suburb of Houston, Texas. He has exhibited throughout the
United States and as far afield as Odessa, Ukraine.
Land Of Orcas
Photographic Print on Smooth Pearl Paper 20” x 30”
Tom McGee
lluminated in a wealth of color and naturalistic wonder,
’ photos are saturated with a richness of space and light as
he explores the limitless possibilities and manipulations of his medium.
Nostalgic yet timeless, these images capture a powerful emotional
connection, expressing the power and sensation of amoment enveloped
in the intimacy of a scene. The monumental beauty of Yellowstone
National Park and the artist’s home in rural Montana remains a
continuous thread through Thomas’ epic landscapes and historical
interiors, connecting his art with an awareness and experience of place.
Presenting his works as digital prints on aluminum substrate in limited
editions, Andrew Thomas uses a variety of photography processing
techniques to infuse his works with the energy and emotion of their
moment in time.
Andrew Thomas
Starburst 1 Digital Photography 24” x 36”
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