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ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
Olga Fedorova
lga Fedorova
’s gorgeously simple oil
paintings invite the viewer to meditate on the
beauty and significance of the everyday. Fedorova
paints still lifes and landscapes, focusing on the
small things in life: a vase of flowers, or a clutch of
blooms growing out of the dirt, a modest wooden
house, a tiny beach cove. The work is unfailingly
naturalistic, with little movement and a patient,
observant eye for texture and detail.
The paintings are streamlined in both subject
and composition to focus on one central subject.
However, Fedorova adds subtle counterpoints to
her main character – small purple buds to balance
out a giant orange blossom, or several scrub
bushes to temper the brilliance of a blue ocean.
Color, line, and form are all stabilized. In this way,
she reveals the harmony of life, found in even the
smallest, least dramatic examples of what can be
seen in the world. There is rhythm everywhere.
Fedorova was born in Moscow, and continues to live in Russia, where she maintains a workshop. She is accomplished
in watercolor and gouache in addition to oil, and her other creative pursuits include singing, playing guitar and piano,
dancing, and writing poetry.
Sardines Oil on Canvas 23.5” x 31.5”
he delicate and surrealistic paintings of
Japanese artist
Rieko Karrer
celebrate the
ephemeral existence of life and the simple
beauty that composes our world. Using both
calligraphy and suiboku (Sumi ink) techniques,
along with Japanese tempera, Karrer dedicates
her work to exploring the confines and
configurations of space and the invisible flow
of air that is ever present, a sacred vastness
that the mind, freed by the state of meditation,
comes to explore again and again. Against a
pure white backdrop, delicate forms convey a feeling and sense of expression more than any figurative rendering.
Karrer finds inspiration in philosophy, in particular both Ancient Greek and Zen schools of thought, and there is a strong
sense of cosmic vision and even transcendence in her work. The softness of the materials she uses and the way the paint
is executed on the canvas board convey the energy of calmness and beauty, meant to reveal undiscovered fragments of
truth regarding the human soul and condition on this earth. To all her viewers, Karrer has this to say: “I wish you to have
this moment of peace and [the opportunity] to gain quiet energy, to feel part of the Cosmic process of blessing.”
Diptych: Geometric Principle 1 Mixed Media on Paper 20” x 40”
Rieko Karrer
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