ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 68

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
im Murphy
’s astoundingly vivid landscape
photography is a globetrotting ode to nature’s
bounty. Murphy’s talent is in showcasing diversity.
His camera is equally adept at communicating
the impossible depth of a Midwestern sky and
the brilliance of sun reflecting off a single stream
buried in the shadow of the Smoky Mountains. The
photographs are intensely saturated with color, and
usually printed on metallic paper for an extra push of
three-dimensional tonality.
Murphy uses richness of hue and adventurous
perspectives to bring out the hidden beauty of what
he sees, and to celebrate the glory of what is more
obvious. His camera roams close and far, high and
low, creating a dizzying maze out of canyon walls in
Arizona and an endless sea of white out of a birch forest. The artist shows us how exciting and unexpected the world can
be while at the same time recording these frail ecosystems to raise awareness and, as he hopes, “help protect them for
future generations to enjoy.”
Jim Murphy was born in Limerick, Ireland and today lives in Boulder, Colorado. He has exhibited throughout the United
States, and continues to draw inspiration from the distinct landscapes of both the land of his birth and that of his adopted
Mesa Arch Gallery Photographic Print on Metallic Paper & Duraplaq 24” x 36”
Jim Murphy
art celebratory and part revelatory,
’s digital photography presents a different way
to look at nature. Droessaert photographs nature, looking for
patterns or motives that are hiding in plain sight. In her neo-
impressionistic  approach, she focuses on the graceful folds of
a single dried blossom, or the graphic play of fallen leaves on a
pond’s surface and below. This non-traditional perspective on
classic subject matter is only the first step in what Droessaert
calls her “search for hidden beauty.”
Translating color and light, she then deepens the spectral
manipulations, bringing to life altered visions of nature with
stunning digital treatments. Images might be reversed, colors
altered, flipped, cloned. Freed from the traditional limits of
photography, the artist creates unconventional tableaux.
Her detailed work with advanced technologies and hyper-
colorization leads to novel visual arrangements. The final
piece shows fresh patterns and associations while still being
undeniably of the earth. In its more fantastical moments, the
work suggests a movement through time, in which all organic
forms shrivel and are reborn with the seasons.
Droessaert was born in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg and today lives in Durham, North Carolina. She has had an active
life in academia and considerable experience in various artistic media, including photography, stained glass, graphic
design, etching, and painting.
Blue Salsa Enhanced Giclee on Canvas 16” x 16”
Angélique Droessaert
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