ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 67

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
nspired by the angelic realm, and by the grace and beauty of
Victorian era sculptures, the works of Canadian figurative sculptress
Lisa Azzano
emanate a transcendent, almost healing quality. “The
most important part…is capturing the feeling or essence of each
sculpture. You can feel the energy and the emotion emanating from
the clay,” says Azzano.
Working primarily in white clay and porcelain, the artist unites
imagination and emotion to create intricately detailed figures that
convey an intimate, timeless spirituality. Light caresses each work,
revealing subtle details that invoke introspection and self-reflection.
Graceful angels in vivid relief allow Azzano to bridge the gap between
this world and the limitless ethereal and elemental planes. In this, her
mastery of the medium is superbly asserted.
Lisa Azzano
he paintings of Brazilian-born
Monica Manfroi
are passionate
and lush. “I would define my work as a profound expression of my
soul,” says the artist. Like the jungles of her native country, Manfroi’s
pieces are complex, vibrating with color and energy. A blending of
naturalistic figure painting and expressive, abstract brushwork, the
works contain a sensuality that is almost palpable. Manfroi even molds
the paint with her hands on occasion, lending a personal tactility and
sensitivity to the canvas.
With both parents employed as artists and photographers, Manfroi
grew up surrounded by art and creativity. She says her biggest goal
for her work is to communicate with people. As she puts it, “If people
were to look at my paintings and see things within themselves, I
would feel truly fulfilled.”
Fearless Acrylic & Oil on Canvas 48” x 36”
Monica Manfroi
apanese artist
Yoshiko Kanai
says her creations describe her
“personal world of spiritual peace.” By taking wood pieces, painting
them with acrylic, and then wrapping them in thread, Kanai says she’s
engaging in a meditative process. The patterns on each individual
block of wood represent the artist’s feelings during natural events like
rain showers and eclipses. Kanai combines these individual pieces into
thematic works that convey an overall emotion.
YoshikoKanai livedandworked in theUnitedStates for twenty-five years
before returning to Japan. As a result, her art is a unique combination
of Japanese and American aesthetics. Although inspired by traditional
Japanese woodblock prints and screens, her pieces are also firmly
modern. She hopes her artwork will inspire people, especially children,
to “get excited about a variety of artistic expressions.”
The Sphere
Mixed Media on Wood 15.5” x 14”
Yoshiko Kanai
Fairy Clay 15” x 10.5”
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