ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 65

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
n air of mystery and subtlety permeates
’s paintings. Working in oils on both canvas
and linen, she creates luminous abstractions that
communicate a dreamlike peacefulness while also
exuding a powerful energy. Having lived and worked
in both her native China and the United States, the
artist brings the visual traditions of both countries
together in images that combine the sense of classic
composition and stillness found in traditional Chinese
painting with the strong lines and movements that are
associated with Abstract Expressionism. In her images,
forceful brushstrokes and dramatic bursts of color
are played off against soft backgrounds that seem
to glow with an internal light. Those meticulously
rendered effects of light and shadow give each image
an immediate, well-rounded physicality and a three-
dimensional feeling of space and depth.
The balance between softness and energy in her work
also results in images that are tightly focused as well as being tantalizingly open-ended. While the bold graphic patterns
in the foreground of her paintings make an immediate play for the viewer’s attention, they exist in a dynamic relationship
with the enigmatic fields of color that contain them. That constant shifting of focus keeps the viewer actively engaged and
makes each painting come vividly alive, going far beyond the boundaries of simple abstraction.
Breaking down traditional boundaries is an essential part of each step of the artist’s process. And though she cites a wide
range of influences — from Zen to minimalism to contemporary art theory — she says a basic spiritual element brings all
of those threads together. “My thought of art is always lingering on the spirituality in today’s post-modern,” she says, and
the combination of formal experimentation and spiritual expression in her work gives each image a multi-layered effect
that has a unique appeal.
Wei Xiong
Landscape No.9 Oil on Wood Panel 23” x 35”
Bring into No.1241 Oil on Canvas 55” x 43”
Wei in her Studio
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