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ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
name is
, are bursts of passion augmented
with thoughtful technical experimentation. Natso
builds each painting out of whirling brushstrokes
coming together to suggest a form, or perhaps simply
a force. Sometimes they clash, but on other occasions
they flow smoothly side by side like light beams
emanating from the same source. Energy is not only
palpable, but essential in Natso’s work, as her stated
goal is “to awake and bring up emotions, provoke
a reaction in the viewer.” Freedom of movement is
important, and freedom of association is equally so.
The brush is not simply creating chaos, however. The
artist is constantly aware of the quality of line she
is creating, and flexes her technical skill in varying
the consistency and tempo of her marks. Scratches
share canvas space with pristine, glossy swishes
and impasto-like wrinkles of pigment. Transparency,
layering, and color contrast all come into play to
create a multidimensional visual experience.
Natso begins a piece by choosing the colors, and
then allows her hand to guide itself on the canvas
rather than directing her aim towards a specific
form or subject. In this unusual approach we can
see the genesis of those things that make her work
unique: the mix of textures, the bold palette, and the
chameleon-like jump from one aesthetic to another.
Movement is so central to Natso’s work that the
paint practically dances off the canvas, and it is in
everything from the spontaneous brushwork to the
freewheeling composition. One, in fact, feeds the
other, and vice versa.
Natso was born in Montreal, Canada and today lives
in Laval, just outside the city. She began painting only
a few years ago in 2009, after previously working
in architecture, graphic design, and computer
Angelique Acrylic 30” x 36”
Bursting Emotions Acrylic on Canvas 24” x 48”
Nathalie in her Studio
“to awake and
bring up emotions,
provoke a reaction
in the viewer”.
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