ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 59

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
Under the Water, On the Water (detail)
Mixed Media on Canvas 36” x 72”
uebec painter
Huguette Thiboutot
is a trained musician and
accomplished painter who mixes and matches sound and color
to create vibrational harmony. Using paint as a liberated form of
expression, her works offer dynamic departures into the exhilarating
and rhythmic possibilities of shape, line and hue. After years of intense
experimentation with chalk pastel and charcoal drawing, watercolor,
gouache, inks, felt pens, colored pencils and wax crayons, Thiboutot
currently works primarily in acrylic and mixed media on canvas. Her
works reference nature, folklore and fine art, and often approach
organic flower forms and human figures from a semi-abstract
perspective. A gifted painter with an innate sense of color frequencies,
Thiboutot’s works showcase how, to use her words, “color is the other
side of sound.”
Huguette Thiboutot currently lives and works in Montreal.
Huguette Thiboutot
rimarily a self-taught artist,
Sudnya Shroff
works across media,
including in watercolor, oil, pastel and acrylic on canvas. Committed
to making art from a total free zone of creativity, her work is the
dynamic product of the artist’s two bare hands moving freely about a
given stretch of the canvas. Interested in active painting motored by a
wellspring of internal emotion, Shroff’s philosophies on art lean toward
the metaphysical and psychological. “When words fall short, colors help
me fill the spaces,” she maintains, and her bold fingertips and torpedo-
like maneuvering in two-dimensional space sets in motion superb new
forms of mental and physical habitation.
Sudnya Shroff was born in Pune, India and currently works as an artist
and freelance writer based in Northern California.
The Reason Acrylic 36” x 60”
Sudnya Shroff
harging her paintings with a vivaciously bright color palette, Mexican
Luz Gamboa
captures the beauty and poetry of indigenous
people across South America. Depicting the people and places of her
native Mexico, she conjures scenes of mystical magnificence. Working in
her studio, the artist tenderly portrays memories of her youth as well as
her current world with thick, lyrical brushstrokes. Describing women with
a particular sensitivity, Gamboa reveals the truth about female existence
in South America. “With my work I would like to achieve that people
know that these women exist and are there, in their daily struggle and
despite the conditions they live in, can laugh and be happy, and because
I believe they deserve to be admired and loved,” explains Gamboa.
Luz Gamboa lives in Mexico City.
Luz Gamboa
Violinista Huichola II Oil & Acrylic on Canvas 31.5” x 39.5”
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